FringeBrow by renowned brow artist, Tamara Palumbo proffers a unique brow experience like no other. Clients travel from all over the world to get the “Tamara Brow”.

She is widely known for her esthetic of full, natural-looking brows that meticulously frames the face. “It doesn’t matter how little or how much brow hair you have, I can make every brow perfect for the individual”.

Full Fringed Beautiful Brows

“The windows to the soul deserve the perfect frame.”

Created by renowned brow expert:

Tamara Palumbo


FringeBrow utilizes the technique of
Feather-touch brush strokes to fill
in spaces between hair’s resulting in
the fullest natural looking brow.

Pricing Starting at $1300+tax



Tamara is widely known for her
esthetic of full, natural-looking
brows that perfectly frame the face.

Pricing Starting at $92+Tax


Make Up

Tamara adapts to the taste of every
client, transforming them into
strikingly gorgeous versions of

Pricing Starting at $200+Tax


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